HUD Section 3 Services

Since 1997 we have leveraged our experience in Section 3 to assist our clients in building a solid Section 3 compliance strategy. 

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Section 3 compliance staff training*

This training can be completed for Client personnel and Board Members at the Clients office or other provided venue. The one-day regulatory training will include a review of the full current regulation and best practices. The objectives of this training are:

  • Teach the regulatory requirements in full but simple terms
  • Offer some insight into best practices to simplify compliance and policy development
  • To assist the agency in determining if the language or spirit of the regulation is best in its execution
  • To help the agency conceptualize the most affective compliance monitoring and management methods
  • Tracking methodologies for accurate and timely reporting

Section 3 policy 

We develop a new Section 3 policy package inclusive of a:

  • Simplified but thorough Section 3 Policy
  • Step-by- step implementation internal procedures
  • A full solicitation package with contractor certification forms
    • Instructions to contractors on meeting the Notice, Encouragement, and Facilitation requirements
    • Section 3 Clause
    • Certification of Compliance
    • Resident Self-Certification form

The package is easily insertable in all agency procurements to meet the regulation. As a part of this service, Client will receive free electronic technical assistance for one year. Draft documents are provided to the Client within 24 hours of receipt of the signed agreement. All work is completed off-site with email communications as needed to finalize the draft document.


SECTION 3 Regulatory Training for contractors*

This training is designed and specific to contractors charged with meeting Section 3 compliance as part of their HUD funded contract. The 3 hour course concisely covers:

  • The regulatory requirements in full but simple terms
  • Insight into best practices to simplify compliance
  • Examples of job site postings, flyers, newspaper ads, and other outreach efforts
  • Tracking methodologies for accurate and timely reporting
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Our Level 100 and Level 200 , 3-Day Certified Section 3 Coordinator Trainings are designed for compliance professionals that wish to advance their education of the Section 3 regulation and the detailed aspects of how the regulations progressed to its current status under HUD. 

Participants receive a certificate verifying their successful passing of the end-of-course exam.  This class presents a great opportunity for networking and sharing of best practices.  All types of recipients, contractors, developers, and residents are benefited by attending. This course can be held locally, regionally, or nationally. 

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SECTION 3 regulatory training for residents

This is a 90-minute compliance training reviewing the critical parts of the regulation pertinent to low-income and public housing residents and resident organizations. The objectives of this training are:

  • Teach the regulatory requirements in full but simple terms
  • Offer some insight into best practices to help residents benefit from the regulation
  • Options for assisting the recipients and contractors in outreach and identifying qualified residents to work or receive training via Section 3 contracts
  • Information on the HUD Section 3 complaint process via the HUD form 958 Complaint Register
  • What employment related trainings residents should be seeking to better their opportunities from Section 3 contracts/funds
  • Determine if starting a Section 3 Resident Owned Businesses is the right answer to earn money

*Trainings also available as live online course.