Resident training

We are the foremost leaders in Section 3 Resident Training and Business Development in the country. Based on information from our clients, we are the only professional full-time consulting firm in the nation that has a comprehensive, structured 18 module personal and professional empowerment training program that has been time tested over the past 14 years. 

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Employment Readiness & Professional Development

This is a 13-module training process covering such important areas as job preparedness, community support, dealing with drug addictions and criminal backgrounds when seeking employment, overcoming the "crab mentality", business development and much, much more. This program is very inspirational and uplifting, but allows for no excuses. 

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Section 3 Small Business Concern Development

This business development training gives those interested in starting small business enterprises the knowledge to write business plans, develop budgets, determine staffing levels and inventory requirements. You can not get this level of information in an easy to understand language anywhere else.


Computer Skills Training 

This is a very structured but slow-paced class for beginners and intermediate users of basic computer skills in their career choice.  It covers these operations:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Publisher
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This program is a comprehensive review of every aspect of leasing and Risk Management (RM) perspective. This is a merger of multiple workshops on Risk Management, Financial Management and Consumer Leasing Tips. The program covers everything from how to lease and market to resident retention, service requests, Fair Housing/ADA Law, preserving your real estate and dealing with and avoiding litigation after move-out.

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This training covers all residential construction areas with quizzes and exams to cover up to 40 hours.  This is a full video and written comprehensive construction trades classroom training we offer to teach a host of construction trades from foundations to set-out.  Our training teaches all disciplines related to construction from design, architecture, and general contracting through all the mechanicals, carpentry, drywall, punch-out, and closeout.  There are tests for each trade and section of work taught.  Participants have to achieve an 80% competency level to receive a certificate of completion and written letter of recommendation of employability.

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Guide to Excellence in the Automotive Industry

This 5-day classroom training is designed to teach all aspects of working at an automotive dealership from porter to service advisor and sales.  This class is interactive, exciting and involves lots of exercises to teach professional service and salesmanship skills to ready high school educated people with the tools to be ready to work in a dealership immediately after class.  The instructor is an experienced professional working in-industry today with connections to help open doors toward employment.