Professional development training

Motivation, Inc. offers many educational and motivational opportunities to meet your needs and any of the programs listed below can be customized to fit your event. 

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Fair housing

This is not the boring fair housing experience you may have sat through in the past. This is an in depth study and education of the laws and history of American’s rights to buy, sell, rent, finance and possess housing. Based on the time allotted, costumed role-playing can be added to enhance and reinforce the learning experience. The lesson starts pre-1865 and covers all the protected and some unprotected classes. Our philosophy is a simple one – let the paperwork, not people, determine qualified status.

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Converting to asset management (RAD conversions)

The decision to develop real estate or other operational programs outside of the PHA environment will require an operational format different from what you may be accustomed to. In order to deal with the change in operational focus, your organization must rethink every aspect of what you do from answering the phone to processing service requests and dealing with new customers. Motivation, Inc. offers a multi-phased program for converting your operations to a more strategic and ROI (return on investment) approach to business. Consider this: If you could save one million dollars or more a year operating the same portfolio of real estate by realigning your management team or methodology, would you do it? Of course you would.

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Customer service "Branding"

We provide a comprehensive professional customer service-training program designed to model, instruct, and set a policy for professional conduct and customer interaction.  The training being provide is geared to develop a service delivery standard based on a technique of ”Branding” the client’s service model as established by its leadership.  This renders immediate buy-in by the participants and more easily allows for a transition of behavior.  Our training covers the following educational objectives: 

  1. Creating the Client’s “Brand” of service
  2. Identifying the Client’s current customers 
  3. Creating a list of each of the customer’s expectations from the management personnel
  4. Develop a list of languages used by the customer to communicate their expectations and creating a “Proper Response Technique” (PRT)
  5. Modeling a PRT for a variety of potential conflict situations – Role Playing
  6. Understanding the cost of replacing each of the customer types 
  7. The implications for the housing authority from losing customers 
  8. Creating a customer retention protocol and support system