Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.
— Proverbs 16:3

Mine Is 1

Since 1991 many people have asked me what is MINE IS 1. Simply stated it means, “My schedule for success is the single, most important schedule for success.”

In other words, MINE IS 1 says it is my responsibility to examine everything presented to me, then determine what is best for my life and my family. It’s every person’s responsibility to ask the right questions, seek the necessary information, and pursue the objectives that are best for their life. Equally as important, they must respectfully let all others do the same.

Only when each person takes complete responsibility for his or her own life and stops permitting others to manipulate or provide excuses for their behavior, can a higher level of personal and professional success be achieved.

There will be those around you who will criticize, misunderstand, and otherwise try to tear down your resolve to do what is right for your family and your life, but you must stay the course to succeed. Most importantly, you must not continually place barriers in your path.

In 1991, I started Motivation, Inc. with $2,000 and a dream. Exactly one year later, I had a net $1,000, faded dreams and a lot of headaches. Deciding not to give up, I reinvented the company and me. Instead of dreams, I made a plan and set specific personal and professional goals. On the second anniversary of Motivation, Inc., I earned my first six-figure income. Now if you were paying attention to what you just read, you understand that the difference was then and remains today, that success takes serious goal setting and planning. Its great to dream, but I contend that life with your eyes wide open and the wind in your face is a more exciting way to live.

My Goals For The Future

After a long period of continued spiritual awakening, I have established these goals for my eternal soul. May I live to the mission He has for me and achieve his will here on earth.

  1. I aspire to be the best father, husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew friend, and consultant I can during this lifetime.
  2. I want all I do to be pleasing to my Lord and Savior and that he may glorify my soul and deeds unto the Father as I stand in judgment on that glorious day of his return.
  3. Most importantly, I plan to hear the Father speak these words regarding my use of the talents he has given me, along with the grace and mercy he anointed me with every day of my life; Job well done my good and faithful servant. In you, I am well pleased.

Your goals for the future can be achieved if you follow my advice and adopt the MINE IS 1 philosophy. Take ownership of your life, assume responsibility for all you do and say, without excuses. Remove all self-placed barriers from your path. Most importantly, set a goal, make a plan to achieve it and execute it with unwavering passion. Start today!

As always, take GOD with you, as he’ll solve all problems you turn over to him. Remember to let him lead and you follow. That way you only end up where he wants you to be.